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Nigel Grimstead

cad flag.jpg

Game Developer, Musician, Concept Artist

Alias: Craftsper

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


I'm a professionally trained, multifaceted artist with thorough experience in video game development, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Let's start with how I work, using this commissioned piece for example:

shina pinup 2k.jpg

*Here are the provided references for the subject, their desired pose, and the backdrop:


Turnaround time is 12 hours* for this piece.

And I never skimp out on the details.

Photoshop is my weapon of choice. It helps me make meticulous painting less tedious and

much more streamlined. I always strive to elevate the digital painting medium.

*Commission turnaround will vary depending on complexity and other factors.

I am adept at using 3D models to my advantage; let's use this original concept art piece as an example:

asher concepts.jpg

I chose to use a complex metallic material that proved most difficult to emulate on the hard-surface parts of Asher's outfit. Naturally, I 3D modeled them to get the most accurate lighting possible for such a niche shape:

metal piece render example.jpg

*custom alpha brush

Rendered using a

material that closely

matched roughness levels,

and repositioned the light sources.

Modeled using an plane that was extruded and mirrored to ensure perfect symmetry in the final painting.

Organic shapes have always been my strong suit, as an example, this is a 10 hour speed-sculpt:

xere 1.jpg

"Xere, proliferator of chaos" preliminary concept art.

This model was speed sculpted

because it was not designed to

be used outside of mockup scenes.

I implemented this model in to GODPROOF's poster design. For such a large creature to be portrayed properly, I needed to pose it in 3D space to ensure the utmost accuracy. See it before and after in the final painting:

poster 1.jpg


poster 2.jpg


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