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My current project is an inclusive, story-driven, action RPG.

I am the sole artist working on this project, and it will be my magnum opus. It is a great conglomeration of all my skills,

including but not limited to: Screenwriting, sound design, programming, storyboarding, and so on.

Estimated release date: 2023

Check out the preliminary promo trailer:

This game has been in development since Feb. 2021,

and I haven't stopped working on it. I dedicate 6 hours a day to Godproof's development, and I wouldn't

have gotten this far without the support of

my loving family, friends, and backers. 

Lucky too.

my cat lucky
godproof game poster

Check out a few of the preliminary works, much more will be made available in the Godproof digital artbook:

Consider supporting the development of Godproof by commissioning me!

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