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A thought-provoking, visual-novel, tactical role playing game, with elements of eldritch horror and heavy science fiction. 

The story revolves around Raiden; how little he knows about himself, let alone the universe. Forced into a hellish situation, Raiden soon discovers he is immune to the powers of omnipotent beings known as "gods", coining the phrase "godproof".

GODPROOF is a passion project in which I am the sole contributor. It is a great conglomeration of all my skills, such as game design, screenwriting, sound design, programming, storyboarding, painting/illustration and so on.

Visit the development blog for updates!

Estimated release date: 2023

Get a taste of the preliminary gameplay and the story to come: 

Check out a few of the preliminary works, much more will be made available in the GODPROOF digital artbook:

Consider supporting the development of Godproof by

commissioning me or joining my patreon!

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