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[ SPOILERS ] Araphel's Castle Cutscene + Battle Complete!

I've finished rendering cutscene frames and programming the battle steps into Araphle's Castle sequence. It may not sound like it, but this is a huge milestone for GODPROOF's development!

Here are just a few choice frames from Araphel's Castle cutscene:

I have also calculated a new metric to follow based on my free time between scheduled work hours and my current rendering speed. Putting my two days off work per week into the equation; my goal is to accomplish a minimum 6 cutscene frame renders per week. With roughly 150 (or less) frames left to complete, approximately taking 2 hours of rendering time per frame (depends on its visual complexity), this accumulates a projected 300 hours of rendering time ahead - which means I may be able to finish all the cutscenes by mid September this year.

Summer has been a particular challenge; we're more likely to experience frequent power outages and trips. Last week the power tripped and it turned off my computer, turning the 400+ layers of a photoshop document file for Araphel's Cutscene into a single layer with what looked like black and red old-timey TV static. Needless to say, PS corrupts with every outage like that one. Thankfully, I only lost approx. 10 mins of work because I manually zip the PSD file (even while its open) to make a quick and very reliable backup. It makes me wonder, where ever would we be without the divine grace of WinRAR?


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